Sunday, January 4, 2015

Merry New Year

      Welcome to 2015

     So I've been thinking again and understandably people just don't wanna let their Nokia go. Well been seeing this commercial on T.V. and had a thought. If your reading this that means you have the heart of a Nokian and don't be ashamed of that, it should be celebrated and revered. So to the point the Refuge has all but dried up. It's been a rough year got some medical bills my Dad died and money has gotten pretty tight. Listia has become a hit and miss outlet, if find a Nokia on there and win (thanks poachers) it's next to impossible to get the people to send it. Hate when people have no integrity. Speaking of which I won an E61i used but was complete in box from a guy in Denmark. It was a surprise wasn't expecting it the guy said it was a "persistence prize". As many of you know I have a tendency to be a little relentless when it comes to Nokia and contests. Hi my name is Jeff and I'm a nokaholic! At any rate the gentleman said he was on holiday and couldn't send the E61i for a little while so I waited a few weeks then I E-mailed him reached out on Twitter and nothing won't respond not even a go F yourself. So sad, actually hated the entire country of Denmark for awhile. Any-who I tend to ramble not very good at "Getting to the point".

And as everyone knows the Nokia we all loved is gone no more never to return wink wink. Actually had some full blown depression the day they took the sign down. Had the great honor of getting a Jolla (kinda Nokian) But until 100% usable in the U.S. it's just a very small tablet, an awesome very small tablet but none the less a tablet. And while I'm on the subject Nokia, all that's left of it announced the N1 and it too is awesome but a Tablet. I'm a phone guy I want phones not tablets.

So honestly I feel a little weird about this but I honestly don't have any better ideas so without further ado Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the Nokia Refuge shirt!!!!
don't know what will happen but here we go.

Questions or comments please feel free to contact me. You can follow me on Twitter at @Nokia_Refuge or contact me at

 Again the purpose of this blog is to save as many neglected or forgotten Nokia as I can. So if you have any that are in a closet or a desk drawer somewhere collecting dust. If you hate it and want to get rid of it or you love it but have no use for it and want it to live on send it to me. I will make sure that its retirement is comfortable and safe on my 1/8 acre refuge. Again I may be able to chip in for shipping but unfortunately unable to buy them as my wife would FREAKING KILL ME.
And it doesn't need to be a phone if it says Nokia its welcome here.