Sunday, February 14, 2016

My world as I see it.

     Hey strangers,

         I know it's been awhile. So after a discussion with previous purveyor of the innovations of Nokia, it got me thinking what does it mean to be a Nokian? Well that's the million dollar question.
For me Nokia was leading edge back before apple and android. Nokia had a 5 megapixel camera in my all time favorite Nokia the N95. I remember when a co-worker got one of the first Iphones in Idaho. Wow.... just wow, what a piece of crap! The only advantage it had over my Nokia was touch screen.
         So let's jump ahead to the N9. For some time symbian had stagnated and there needed to be a beacon of light. So the Nokian gods with a wave of their hand Boom!! The N9 a good phone with a hint of greatness. It was so disheartening this was fairly early in the Elop saga but they pushed and promoted the N9 so much and so hard. Everyone wanted one it was new fresh and could mean the turn around we were all waiting.....   and let's kill it. ok whew thought we had a direction but ok lets brush ourselves off and keep marching.
          The Nokia 808 Pureview 41 mega pixel of pure testosterone. If you was a phone/camera guy that made your dick bigger then a new corvette or a jacked up wanna be monster truck. Damn it was sexy!!! I may need a moment, I'm ok, I can continue.
                 Of course there was a few of the Nokia Lumia out and about with the new windows phone 7 they were kind a cool WP was still way young. So if you wanted a great camera phone with the Nokia name the 808 was for you but if you didn't want the camera grab a Lumia 800 or 900 they're great!!  Few apps few features but you know baby steps. But Windows phone 8.0 that's gonna blow your mind! that's the one. Windows 8 this one now we're gonna blow some minds and for good measure let's ween everyone off of symbian and let's make a 808 with windows phone 8 and christen thee Lumia 1020. Oh and those of you that helped by buying and supporting the lumia brand here's 7.8 but you should by a new phone cause we are killing that off and support for symbian as well, we need to focus on what's important so that we can.. oh hey how about 2 or 3 Nokia with Android? lets again hint at greatness but make them so low spec'd that no one will buy them so we can tell all those customers that want android that there is just no demand, Sorry.

              I've veered off, so is Microsoft still Nokia? I don't think so. Are there ex Nokia employees getting paychecks from Microsoft? I hope so, Microsoft fired so many. Is there Nokia tech in Microsoft phones? Hope so. If  Nokia leases their name to another company to put on their phone does that make it more Nokia than Microsoft? I'm gonna say yes but let me explain, in order for Microsoft to become the Microsoft of lore their fans, ex-Nokia fans have to let it go. Microsoft simply can't be Nokia any longer. Get it lets move on. And don't attack me I AM NOKIAN.
          I may very well get time lines mixed but very few will read this anyway. I sure in most of the readers minds I'm wrong, off base, and just ignorant of Nokia. Maybe, maybe not but this is "My World"

P.S. A note about my T-Shirts. I know it's not a Nokia on the shirt. When I started that Booster has to clear designs through their legal department and they couldn't print the shirt I wanted without getting consent for Nokia. Well I emailed, called and tweeted Microsoft and Nokia for at lease 2 months and I got no responce nothing. So booster said I can use the clip art thats there now and the rest is history. It's not like anyone would have bought it anyway. Because all the true nokia fans are waiting for Windows 10 devices for from HTC and ASUS.