Tuesday, August 13, 2013

   So here I go, a few months ago I was watching a YouTube video of a gentlemen destroying a Nokia N95. Upsetting very disturbing, may have cried a little. I start getting this idea, you see the Nokia N95 was my first Smart phone my gateway phone as it were. Looking back 8 years ago, a man in a Strange country meeting my future wife and now mother of our 3 and a half year old. She took me to where her little sister worked in a mall at the Cell phone store. Inside were marvels of technology and wizardry unfamiliar to this simple man from Boise Idaho. Phones that could be attached to overhead projectors and would run your PowerPoint presentations. Phones that you could watch movies on, listen to music, and one phone that had a 5 Mega Pixel camera OH how the Gods have smiled upon me. This little two-tone wonder I could barely contain myself "oh I have to have you" I muttered lightly under me breath. Pay the lady I thought reaching for my wallet as I ask beautiful bride to convert the price into dollars US, I could see the words floating out of her mouth as suddenly I felt faint and my wallet fell back into my pocket. I don't remember the exact amount but looking back all I can think of is "that's more then rent". I am devastated.

     Fast forward after struggling with INS for 18 months my wife has safely made it to the USA. As we start our life together we get a credit card, then 2, a few more. Again the Gods have bla bla bla. At any rate With my lovely wife's blessing I order 2 brand new never touched beige and silver devices of POWER, the NOKIA N95-3 $619 each. way more then a rent payment. Everyday I wake up kiss my wife and check the tracking number yes! it's close! soon it shall be mine! Finally I see they will be delivered the next day should I call in sick, have my wife do it yes its fool proof  "I'm so sick I had to get my wife to call in for me" That morning as I close the door to go to work pleading with her that it would have worked, I have been betrayed!

     So after the longest day of my life I do not simply come home I fly, up the stairs and key, key where is oh got it I open the door and on the counter is a Amazon box open oh no. After realizing my wife had opened hers I pickup mine as if it was a new born. I deftly cut the seal with a butter knife with a precision neurosurgeons would be envious of, I open the as if I was Indiana Jones recovering some lost Holy relic of some forgotten ancient people. I peer inside, eyes straining to see this treasure hidden within this chest. And there it is MY N95-3 and there you have it the rest is history.

     This was the defining moment in my entire mobile life. The N95 served me well for many years and was the beginning of my love affair with Nokia. 

     So with that being said I come back to the video and my idea. Still in it infancy I am going to try this blogging thing and the plan is I will offer refuge to any forgotten, abandoned or other wise neglected Nokia device. If you have a Nokia that you don't want and are unsure what to do with it send to me. In return I will try to provide updates through this blog of my rescues and some sort of review of said device I can't promise anything but I will keep the device safe and I will love and care for it as if it was mine. I may be able to help with shipping but sadly can not offer any other compensation as I am a simple man with a small family. 

If you like you can reach me at @Nokia_Refuge on Twitter. This is my first post so a Facebook page is coming as soon as I figure it out. Oh and an E-mail.

Update Email : Nokia_Refuge@outlook.com

   Thank you