Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sex lies and Nokia Internet Tablets

   I lied about the sex part sorry,  so this week I've managed to get the whole Nokia Internet Tablet family. I love these things. Before you read on I realize I don't have the Wimax N810 I still feel I have the whole family. I would gladly except one if you have one to donate I could even pay shipping. With that being said lets get this party started.


    First up the Nokia N770 it came out in November 2005 it had a OMAP 1710  running at 252 MHz which isn't a super computer but it did what youa asked it too, tweeted from it last night. It had a whopping 64 MB of RAM, and 128 MB of internal FLASH memory and you could extend virtual memory  up to 1 GB, remember when that was alot. The screen was 4.1 inches, 800×480 pixels at 225 pixels per inch with up to 65,536 colors and thats not terrible didn't have any problems reading anything when I was playing with it. Had WiFi Bluetooth 1.2 dial-up access, USB both user-mode, and non powered host-mode. It takes a MMC this one has a 64 mb beast in it. I got this one off of Ebay for a little over $5 out of my pocket and it is perfect I can't find a scratch on it. This is a great find and is very welcome here at the refuge.

Pic is upside down screw it!! This one came out in 2007 OMAP 2420 with a native speed of 400 MHz but only ran at 330 MHz on OS2007 but it will run 400 MHz if you put OS2008 on this little fella. It has 128 MB of RAM and 256 MB of flash memory. It had b/g Wifi Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 OTG. The screen was also 4.1 inches 800×480 at 225 dpi, and I say if it aint broke don't fix it. And strangely enough it has 2 full-sized SD card slots, one internal and one external. I love the Gigabits I don't think I will be happy until my phone has TBs. It had a web cam hidden in the left side very James Bondy, you use Skype and it even has a FM radio. I got this one
 off Ebay also this one was a bank buster I paid $80 for this one and I will tell you why. First it came with  

 the Nav Kit never used every thing still in plastic so awesome. Second it came with not one but two 32 GB 

samsung SDHC cards brand new still in pakage those were between $30 and $35 online conservatively so I 

got this like new Nokia N800 and Nav Kit for $10 to $20 bucks freakin awesome!!!!!!


Love when it comes with the box. So moving on.

My N810 this was my first found her on craigslist back when I had some hidden cash. This was $100 like new in box. Don't have a pic of this one turned on I guess after 2 years the battery had lost it's charge I'm sure it still works. This one came on in 2007 it was alot like the N800 it had a slide out keyboard and it changed the popout camera to a front facing one that seems to be on everything now days. It too had 2 sd card slots but they took away the FM radio to bad love having a FM radio.

   Well there you have it I also have the N900 but that was a phone, it belongs in the family but maybe if a WiMax N810 comes to the refuge I will revisit this. My N9 could also be here but. So thats about it for this time.

I have a tease for my next post.

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 Again the purpose of this blog is to save as many neglected or forgotten Nokia as I can. So if you have any that are in a closet or a desk drawer somewhere collecting dust. If you hate it and want to get rid of it or you love it but have no use for it and want it to live on send it to me. I will make sure that its retirement is comfortable and safe on my 1/8 acre refuge. Again I may be able to chip in for shipping but unfortunately unable to buy them as my wife would FREAKING KILL ME.

And it doesn't need to be a phone if it says Nokia its welcome here.