Friday, November 1, 2013

Nice little fella and a phone

    I was just recently introduced to Listia. It's kinda like Ebay but instead of money you bid with credits. You can of course buy credits but also you can earn credits by watching videos or doing surveys. Any rate I was looking around Listia and found this it's a Nokia 3650  the first Symbian Series 60 smartphone to appear in the good old USA 2003 I believe. It is a 2g GSM phone 900/1800/1900. It came with a whopping 4 mb of memory kinda cool thing I was surprised to find is there is a full size MMC card slot SWEET!! It was loaded with Symbian v6.1 with a 104 MHz ARM 9 rockin this bad boy. And it has a VGA camera at 640x480 pixels. It turns on but asks for a sim don't know if I can get it working have not tryed all my sim cards yet. I kinda like the retro rotary key pad look. Well that's that this is a pretty short post buy I hope you enjoy. Nothing new has come to the Refuge so I'm not sure what to write about next. So I guess I'll see you next time remember if there's a old Nokia that you don't need or want for God sake don't destroy it let it live charge it once and awhile give it the respect it deserves it was one the best phones you ever had.


Oh and by the way I had no out of the pocket on this beauty. 

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 Again the purpose of this blog is to save as many neglected or forgotten Nokia as I can. So if you have any that are in a closet or a desk drawer somewhere collecting dust. If you hate it and want to get rid of it or you love it but have no use for it and want it to live on send it to me. I will make sure that its retirement is comfortable and safe on my 1/8 acre refuge. Again I may be able to chip in for shipping but unfortunately unable to buy them as my wife would FREAKING KILL ME.

And it doesn't need to be a phone if it says Nokia its welcome here.