Monday, September 2, 2013

My road to the Nokia N9

     So the story starts alittle over a year ago. I realize the N9 was released well over a year ago but I didn't really hadn't become a quest as it was still very expensive. At any rate I had been charged with the choir of running a crew of guys to replace the obsolete nurse call system in one my cities two hospitals. It was going pretty rough the company I was working for wasn't hiring quality people for me. Unrealistic time lines so fourth I digress. 
       So with that being said I was under a lot of stress. My boy was 2 years old and I am a very hands on father. We only have one car so I was taking my wife to work taking care of the boy and working "whew" "exhausted".  So I was drinking a lot energy drinks not eating well and I started getting these odd feelings a disconnected feeling as if there was a small earthquake happening.  I was carrying a dark grey Nokia N8 at the time great phone as of writing I'm trying to save a silver one and bring it to the Refuge.
        The N9 was always in my mind I had tried to win one yeah go figure wink wink but to no avail.
         One I was on one of the floors checking on the progress and I had one of me spells, o e of the guys asked a nurse to take my blood pressure it was a little high well a lot high like 220 over something I was advised to seek medical attention that was the last day I had an energy drink and I seem to have more energy now. So the doc said I should get away and rest for a little while.
    So a plan forms in my head "I will quest for the N9" so off we go I grab the wife and boy and we head to Portland Oregon. I tweet when I have service about how I shall hold this fabled N9 it will be mine I tell myself. We get to Portland after stopping at Multnomah Falls
 to get some pictures with the N8 and a Galaxy S3 but that's another story. In my weakened state I agree to go to Seaside Oregon a place we discovered as newlyweds. 
 After a few days of no Internet or cell service we decided to go to Seattle to the air museum and there is a Fry's up there I call and yes they have a N9 oh yes two birds one stone lets get gone!!
So lets get back on track so I get to Fry's oh so excited I walk through the doors I can sense, it is here I feel it. I look for the phone selection umm no not seeing it no one seems to be available to help its OK it has to be here I see a Nokia oh its the Lumia 800 and over priced. I look some more finally someone asks "Can I help you find something" oh yes dear god thank you, NOKIA N9!!!!! "yes we have one" takes me back to the 800. I decide he is a cruel Heartless human he says here it is hands me the double boxes with the blue box inside. Upon closer inspection I discover it is in fact the NOKIA N9 I have found it!!! eureka!!! I say can you open it I'd like to hold it there are 2 plastic boxes protecting the phone obviously one plastic box is not enough of a theft deterrent. I look at the worker as the cat in Puss in Boots looks when he is trying to persuade someone. "NO well we can but you will have to pay a restock fee" What!! are you freakin kidding me!!! Really I said I'm thinking of buying this he says oh you should take this up to the check out and they will take it out of the box after you pay for it. At this point I'm pissed and heartbroken. I said you are the worse sales person ever you don't even have the sticker on the correct product I point the the 800 tag he says "Its right see this is the new Nokia Lumia 800" I said "I asked to see the N9 you showed me this phone" he said "Thats right it the Nokia Lumia 800 N9" I give up dejected I leave the store. So close yet so far. The time I had for my quest was over and I had to return home the next day.

On the way home I was on me way back to the refuge when I was contacted Via Twitter by a great gentleman. I don't know if I can say his name without asking him so I won't, that if I would like to experience the N9 I could come to his house and check his out. Sadly I had to decline Me and My wife had to work the next day and simply didn't have the time.

      I did get a Black 64gb N9 from Ebay a few months later and I love it had a few issues at first cause it was was from Asia and needed to have a different software variant. This thing is a work of art great phone. 

Questions or comments please feel free to contact me. You can follow me on Twitter at @Nokia_Refuge or contact me at

 Again the purpose of this blog is to save as many neglected or forgotten Nokia as I can. So if you have any that are in a closet or a desk drawer somewhere collecting dust. If you hate it and want to get rid of it or you love it but have no use for it and want it to live on send it to me. I will make sure that its retirement is comfortable and safe on my 1/8 acre refuge. Again I may be able to chip in for shipping but unfortunately unable to buy them as my wife would FREAKING KILL ME.