Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Nokia Shrine Project (Updated)

Update at Bottom
    Today out of boredom I decided I shall create a Nokia Shrine for the refuge. First it had to be big enough to house the populous of the current Refuge and provide extra room for any lost soldiers that my grace the humble abode that I have declared a Refuge. So with careful calculations and much thought about how much realestate I will need I said screw it and drew a picture. ehhh this should do it.  

  So off to one of the big box hardware store I go. I walk in with wide eyed amazement as 40,000 square feet of possibilities unfold before my purposeful eyes. The smell of paint and freshly sawn wood assaults me from every direction. I find the isle that I need and before me is a sea of every kind of would that a wood-be weekend carpenter could ever need.

I quickly find some beautiful exotic wood and as the dimensions and scope of the project start though my head I realize "Holy Crap this stuff is expensive" so cheaper wood then. I soon realize this wood sucks it warped full of knots or any variety of blemishes and scars. After a hour and a half I resign to the fact that this these pieces of wood are the best I am going to get on my limited budget and the stock on hand.

 As you can see in the pictures I have a less than stellar array of wood working tools. But I endevour on "I Shall not fail" humm no work blench garbage cans will do in a pinch.

Here is the back pieces with the cleats screwed on.

 First shelf,


And here it is fully assembled to paint or not to paint, that's the question, time will tell. So this was day one I will post again when I get it put on the wall and populated with me humble collection of the best Cel phones known to man. If you have blessed me with your time and read this far I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So here it is final product. Hooray!!! So this is the first time I have performed a census here at the refuge and I'm embarrassed to say there are only 38 residents here at the Refuge. However I have some trinkets and novelties that I have also collected. AND I know there is more than Nokia on the shelves. My wife's old phones are there I really like small phones so there is a Xperia Mini Pro, a Palm Veer and a Modu T. There is some crappy phones that co-workers have given me because they heard I collect phones. The Refuge does not discriminate I embrace all that come here!

Questions or comments please feel free to contact me. You can follow me on Twitter at @Nokia_Refuge or contact me at

 Again the purpose of this blog is to save as many neglected or forgotten Nokia as I can. So if you have any that are in a closet or a desk drawer somewhere collecting dust. If you hate it and want to get rid of it or you love it but have no use for it and want it to live on send it to me. I will make sure that its retirement is comfortable and safe on my 1/8 acre refuge. Again I may be able to chip in for shipping but unfortunately unable to buy them as my wife would FREAKING KILL ME.
And it doesn't need to be a phone if it says Nokia its welcome here.